HSE Compliant 4×4 Training

By combining stunning Yorkshire Dales landscape, heritage, nature, professionalism and adventure, Dalesway Yorkshire offers a World Class Adventure.

4×4 Driving

All our driver training courses are HSE and PUWER compliant. Our experienced team of instructors hold Jaguar Land Rover, Borda, Lantra and ADI accreditation.

Lantra 4×4 Courses

Recognised by Ofqual, SQA and Qualification Wales, Lantra certificates are Nationally recognised qualifications, certificates of a are valid for 5 years.

~ A4X4001 Principles of Off Road Vehicle Operating

A one – day entry level course suited to off road users who operate vehicles in mainly benign terrain.

~ A4X4001 Operating Vehicles in Off Road Adverse Conditions

A two – day training course suited to users seeking more severe terrain and weather conditions.

Bespoke 4×4 Courses

Designed with maximum driving time as a priority, our bespoke courses can be tailored to incorporate practical experience of obstacles and terrain that you are likely to find in your local environment.

~ 4×4 Off Road Vehicle Handling – one day course

~ 4×4 Advanced Off-Road Vehicle Handling – 2 day course


Our BORDA courses are recommended for drivers who must operate regularly on challenging terrain, often in adverse weather conditions, and for those who may need to perform vehicle recoveries. Certificate of attendance.

~ Basic level 4×4 Safety Awareness Course. – ½ Day

~ Standard level 4×4 Off Road Driving Course – 1 Day

~ Higher-level Off-Road Driving Course – 2 Days

Trailer Handling


Lantra Trailer Handling training courses are designed for anyone with B+E on their licence. Training is designed to be as practical as possible, giving you first-hand experience of coupling and uncoupling and towing with confidence.

~ Lantra Trailer Towing: On Road

~ Lantra Trailer Towing: Off Road

~ Lantra Trailer Towing: On and Off Road

Bespoke Trailer Handling

Our one day – bespoke course is offered on a one to one basis with an instructor. This course is ideal for those who have B+E on their licence but require additional or refresher training. Specific areas of training may include reversing through gated entrances, slippery grass or narrow lanes.

~ B+E Training to Test

Drivers who passed their test on or after 1st January 1997 have category B only on their licence.

Our B+E training course is offered on a 1-1 basis and covers all aspects of the B+E trailer test. Training times vary depending on your current level of competency.



~ Lantra Winching Theory and Practice

This course is an ideal introduction to the process, giving you the knowledge and confidence to operate hand or powered winches safely and effectively.

Bespoke Winch Handling

Level one (one day) and level two (two days)

Practical winch training and experience, offering experience of straight line pull, double line pull and angled pull.

Winter Driving

Adverse Weather Limited Traction Certificate is a full-day course that covers simulated driving in ice, snow and flood waters. Knowledge that could help your drivers avoid accidents and breakdowns.

ATV and Mule Driving

HSE compliant Lantra ATV training courses are 1 day in duration and covers all aspects

Lantra Sit Astride ATV inc loads and trailed equipment

Lantra Sit In ATV Conventional Steer


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